Becoming Blockchain Traceable is easier than you think!

Being blockchain traceable means your products can be tracked as part of quality and safety initiatives using the blockchain.
  • Promotes Product Safety.
  • Allows producers and manufacturers to decide how much product detail to include on the Blockchain.
  • Reduces the complexity and cost of product recalls.
  • Easy to use for everyone involved.
  • Support GS1 Keys and Producers not using GS1

Get Started with Product Traceability in Minutes

Works with your existing infrastructure


How does it work?

The Blockchain provides a distributed ledger that is protected using cryptography. The Tritanium Blockchain has a special design to enhance product traceability without exposing your private information:
  • In Blockchain each transaction formed from the output of one or more other transactions.
  • The products used in your production and the products you produce are inputs into the blockchain.
  • Data is stored in "immutable" transactions that cannot be changed.
  • Data can be loaded to the blockchain in real-time or using batch uploads.
  • No special equipment needed.

The Blockchan Promotes Safety through Transparency

According to the CDC, each year 48 million Americans are sickened by a food borne illness. Globally over 600 million people are affected by this problem resulting in an unacceptable number of deaths. In addition to illness and death, the problem causes $55 Billion to $90 Billion of economic loss each year. It has also been projected that the market for global food traceability solutions will be over $10 Billion annually by 2019. Unlike industries that operate within national borders, food production, transportation, and safety is a worldwide issue that requires a worldwide solution. As bitcoin and other public blockchains have proven, blockchain is solution without borders that does not require a central-authority to be successful.

Supports the Way You Operate

The Traceability Blockchain is flexible enough to support the way you operate. If your operation uses GS1 standards, the Traceability blockchain supports all GS1 keys easily within the blockchain. If you do not use GS1, the Traceability Blockchain interface provides everything you need to get started.
  • Easy to use web interface.
  • Application Programming Interface to work with your current system.
  • Supports batch data uploads.
  • We can help you get started.

Benefits of the Traceability Blockchain?

The Traceability Blockchain is designed to help businesses promote their products by providing Traceability, Transparency, and Trust.
  • Consumers want to know they can Trust where their products came from.
  • The Blockchain promotes Transparency by a providing a distributed ledger.
  • In case of a product recall, the Blockchain promotes traceability an saves time and money.

Get Started Today

Once you see how easy it is to provide complete product traceability, you will wonder why you never tried it before.

Who are we?

Izzy Blockchain is an open source platform maintained by Tritanium Labs. Izzy Blockchain is the foundation of the KITT Stack (Kobie, Izzy, Tritanium, and Trichain) for application developers using the programming language of their choice, and the CITTT Stack (Cobolt, Izzy, Tritanium, and Trichain) for AngularJS developers.