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Traceability Blockchain

Easy to Use Traceability Solutions

Adding one-up, one-back traceability or full farm-to-table traceability for your organization could not be easier with the Traceability Blockchain. Easy to use, works with any system!

Blockchain Traceability

By uploading your receipts, processing, packaging, and shipments to the Traceability Blockchain you can trace any product or ingredient within seconds.

Easy to Get Started

The easiest way to get started with the blockchain is to upload Excel spreadsheets or CSV files to the system and let us handle the rest. You can be up and running in minutes.

Help is Around the Corner

Food safety and technical consultants can help you set up your processes to integrate traceability into your daily operations.

Get Started in Minutes
with Excel Templates

Many companies have learned that sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. We provide easy to use Excel templates that let you upload your receiving, processing, packaging, and shipping to the blockchain. Whether you export your information from online systems like QuickBooks or powerful legacy systems, Excel uploads may be right for you.

Receive -> Process -> Package -> Ship

Our templates simplify traceability on the Blockchain by providing a format that lets you become FSMA compliant the easiest way possible.

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Excel Uploads

Our Excel Upload interface is perfect for companies that need traceability but are not ready for a full solution. need.

With our Excel templates, users can upload receiving, processing and packaging, and shipping transactions in a single step without writing any code.

We provide easy to use Excel templates and instructional videos showing how to use them.

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API Management Console

Our API Management Console puts everything you need to manage your account and locations at your fingertips.

Whether you are supporting one location or hundreds of locations, our API Management console makes it easy.

We provide account information by location making it easy for you to pass costs on to your clients.

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